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Our company's products.

Our company produces mainly laying hens. Moreover we produce broilers and turkeys.


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Our company's news.

01/2012 : Another facility is ready to operate.


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We are welcoming you to our website ...

We are welcoming you to our new website. Our many years of experience and our continuous evolution on the industry, quarantee the excellent quality of our products.

You can browse our brochure with the layers, broilers and turkeys and choose from our wide variety what suits your needs

Our company is a family business that was founded in 2006 from the veteriarian Angelos Valeras and in the beginning we were producing only laying hens.

Later the company's operations were expanded including the rearing of broilers and turkeys.

The veteriarian consultant of the company is Mr. Angelos Valeras.

After three years of operations the facilities of the company were transfered to high end proprietary facilities in Demati, Anatoliko Zagori, in Ioannina.

The capacity of our facilities is around 25000 chickens.

Our continuous laboratory and qualitative controls and checks constitue our primary concern.

Our company's goal is the rearing and selling of laying hens, broilers and turkeys to organized farms or for domestic rearing and use.

You can browse through our products.

You can now simplify the order process. You can download the layers' brochure simply by clicking on the link on the right. This way you will be able to refer to each program by its code.